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Monday, 24 December 2012

Festive Greetings

As this Skyfall News blog crawls to 6,000 hits, just to say big thanks for your interest during the past year. Last night saw the Skyfall dvd & blu-ray tv commercial during Homeland break and the UK release date will be February 18, 2013.

Have a Happy Chrismas & New Year and I leave you with the official Skyfall trailer that reached No.4 in the recent YouTube Trailer Poll of 2012 ...

Cheers !
PS. Hurray just passed 6k today - big thanks from this 007 fan ( 31/12 ).

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Just some music ...

As those Skyfall memories fade, Adele's theme tune & trailer scenes to jog those "little grey cells".
As dear old Spock once said "Remember".
Enjoy !
PS. Despite video title not 'official' put together I guess by a German Bond fan.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Many Thanks

Due to my lack of work it's nice to know that my little time-filler here has passed, according to Google Stats, the 5,000 visitors mark. To commercial sites that's a drop in the ocean but it's a reminder when I started out writing the 007 Bond Supplement when newspapers didn't have websites. I used to get healthy daily visits but sadly that later declined when the net became populated with news & movie sites.

As you know I remain just a 007 fan who doesn't or expect any recognition here by ( or is affiliated to either ) Eon or Sony Pictures but it's still great to know that someone out there takes an interest about news of Skyfall.

Thanks again


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Give me credit 007

To everyone around the world hope you are finally getting a chance to see Skyfall. As mentioned elsewhere I went on the first Friday morning of Skyfall's release to Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent and had an enjoyable experience with both movie & cinema.

A couple of good video clips for your attention ...

1) Skyfall - opening sequence  - minus the credits like on those Special Edition DVDs 

Sadly less than 24 hours after appearing this video clip was removed due to breaking Sony Pictures' copyright. We will have to wait for that DVD. Be interesting to know how the clip was released in the first place ? A mission for 007 ?

2) Skyfall - International trailer  - seen by over 4 million viewers

Enjoy & thanks again for the interest here !


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Skyfall World Premiere

As we await tonight's World Premiere let's celebrate 50 years of James Bond 007 with Skyfall. Sadly despite my efforts here ( plus on Facebook & Google + ) over the past year, wasn't one of the privileged ones to get a preview ticket despite a letter to Eon's PR Dept last month.

Hey I'm just a 007 fan who has followed the series since the late 60s and to think the big guy whoever is playing him is still around is great.

Whether standing outside the Royal Albert Hall near the read carpet or lucky enough to have brought a Charity ticket enjoy our most special secret agent, his name is "Bond, James Bond".

Cheers !

007 Bond Supplement  ( online since 1997 )

PS. Thanks to all the visitors here especially the past month.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Those trailers keep coming ...

As the countdown to next week's release of Skyfall, the different promos / commercials keep coming to entice us to the cinema next week, here are a couple ...

1) "From Within"

2) "Duty"

Meanwhile the Adele music video has been seen at the time of writing by nearly 34 million !

Next week we have the World Premiere, a Graham Norton Show special with the Skyfall cast followed by a Top Gear Bond Cars special - all good stuff and more. Most importantly the movie is released next Friday 26th October in UK.

So keep visiting, alas didn't get an invite last week to see the movie, then again not done much here have I Sony/Eon ?

Tweet on ...


PS. The new video game 007 Legends is released today - go to my Google + link to see the latest video. 

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Less than a minute 007 ...

Two tv spots for Skyfall have been released this week - hope you've been following my tweets ?

1) Word - shown during the Emmys in US


2) Fear


Also new photos from the movies have been seen with one displaying Dan's chest which is getting a lot of attention. A online item today relating to a Sunday paper report claims ( spoiler )  "Skyfall is the name of 007’s Scottish ancestral home, which will be  a key location in the film."

All will be revealed next month.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So do you expect me to pay extra ?

If you haven't been visiting my Google+ page ( link right )  you would have been missing the videos for the next Bond game 007 Legends. Below is the artwork for the XBox360 cover ..

Having seen the latest video with the 5th mission - Goldfinger, Dan delivers Sean's famous line of "So do you expect me to talk ?" with not much urgency. The Goldfinger voice doesn't sound as convincing as in the earlier offering of the poor GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.

Notice on the cover that computer Dan is taken from his QOS pose which is another game. Also seems a little unfair that the 6th mission - Skyfall will be at extra cost with a download. Might be worth a wait for the later Special Edition with all 6 missions ?

Still game on ..


Saturday, 15 September 2012

An Ocean Apart

Interesting to see the 2 new posters for Skyfall on different sides of the Atlantic with UK version of suited Craig advising of our box offices now open for ticket bookings ...

and with US version a more laid back action approach from Daniel as 007 ...

It's getting closer, so enjoy !


PS. Another UK one released today ( 17/09 ) go to WordPress or Facebook to see it.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Love a car chase don't you 007 ?

As you probably know Sky Movies have brought the tv rights to the Bond movies from October and they are launching a 007 channel over the time of Skyfall's release.

This is their promotional video which I like because of the clever editing of a different version of the opening QOS car chase with a few familiar faces .. yes an end voice-over by Colin Robinson Salmon.

Enjoy !


Friday, 10 August 2012

Cut up about UK posters ?

Yesterday we got the the new UK posters for Skyfall - a landscape of the 4 main characters and 4 individual portrait ones of Craig, Bardem, Harris & Marlohe.

Below is the main poster ...

They're all looking good.

Below is Dan's one ...


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spot the difference Q ?

Having digested the 2nd cinema trailer for Skyfall which has been watched by over 2.3 million on YouTube,  a chance to compare with this US domestic [?] one with more of new Q ...

Enjoy !


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"007 reporting for duty"

After a morning 18 second morning teaser we finally get the full 2nd cinema trailer for Skyfall ...

Enjoy !


Saturday, 28 July 2012

"Good Evening Mr Bond."

Not a Bond villain one-liner but from Her Majesty The Queen who made her debut in a short film for the London 2012 Olympics. On arrival at the Palace in a taxi 007 is whisked in to escort her to the Opening Ceremony in a helicopter. Nice cameos by her corgis. On arrival to everyone's surprise both Bond & the Queen parachute near to the East London Stadium. With Bond Theme ringing around the stadium the Queen arrives with hubby in same dress. All good British fun.

I am sure that back home in New York Daniel Craig was probably watching on tv with much a glee and now claim to be the only [007] actor to work with the Queen. Some papers are now calling her a Bond Girl ! Watch out Dame Judi we have found a new M.

In case you missed it, go the BBC News' website to read the background to the short film called Happy and Glorious directed by Danny Boyle.

Now seen below via YouTube ...

James Bond is truly on Her Majesty's Service ...


Monday, 16 July 2012

New game trailers

As someone who gets frustrated by some 007 games, particularly GoldenEye: Reloaded, hoping the next outing is a bit more friendly.
So if you want to see the new exciting game trailers for 007 Legends go to my new Google+ page. Like with all 6 missions, Dan this time takes over for George as 007 saving Tracy at Piz Gloria - OHMSS.
Cheers !

Monday, 28 May 2012

It's in the game 007 ...

As someone who was disappointed with 007's last outing in the game world - GoldenEye Reloaded - still haven't completed the end story in Wii or Xbox versions - hey I'm not that bad, I'm up to top level 4 in friendlier Blood Stone.

Now we have the new trailer for the 1st mission in the October release of 007 Legends which features Moonraker with blaring Bond music it looks better than Rog's '79 outing - not sure if Dan steps into his shoes like he did in GoldenEye but I believe one of the other 6 missions will be Skyfall.

So game on Mr Bond !


Monday, 21 May 2012

Double Offering

Last week we finally got 2 versions of the new teaser poster for Skyfall ( landscape version seen below )

and today we get the the short teaser trailer for the new movie with no Bond Theme but plenty of action ...


Hope this excites ... or as 007 now replies ( like tv chef Gordon Ramsay ) about Skyfall"Done".


Saturday, 21 April 2012

None for ages, then ..

Last week Eon/Columbia  released photo stills from the long awaited new Bond movie Skyfall. Like London buses you wait ages for one then two or three come along together, in this case around 10 photos. I've selected a few of Daniel Craig as 007 in different poses ...

The photos soon spread around the net unlike those clapperboard location ones which really irritated me.

They also arranged a press interview for Dan with the Beeb - see the news links. Spreading the word is most important for this release.

Till the next one !


Friday, 23 March 2012

Inside News ?

Sadly no, just a long-time fan tracking the production of the latest James Bond movie called Skyfall. If you can't remember this address, I've created a shorter one comes with a top header with adverts.

Latest sightings have the 007 movie crew filming in Turkey for a train scene.

Interesting stuff eh !


Saturday, 17 March 2012

On my patch

Always wanted to be involved with a Bond film production in some capacity, would have been Broz's coffee-maker for DAD if needed. Despite my lack of work qualifications, have made a few enquiries over the years with EON - none been treated with that much seriousness by them. Most disappointed to not be able to say "worked on a Bond film" in some capacity during my boring life.

Also I've never watched a day's filming either, most annoying for the latest movie Skyfall  which has been on my patch i.e local to me - Greenwich, Lewisham [at night ?] & Central London. The latest photos seen on the net show a chopper circling a mock-up set in Surrey - again not that far away from moi.

Perhaps now believing that my path is never destined to meet with Bond, James Bond.

Cheers 007 !


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Missed 1,000

Always reading in the press about polls and voters, when it is about James Bond I always think what poll/survey and why didn't I vote ?

If Dan ever goes to a celebrity bash and some lady shouts out "Show us your trunks !" It's probably The Sun's Wednesday columnist Jane Moore who yesterday had  a small top item with mini cut-out photo of Dan in those blue trunks ( see earlier post ) moaning that "a survey has asked 1,000 Bond fans [ not me ! ] for their favourite memories from the iconic films." It seems "Number one was the Aston Martin DB5, followed closely by Oddjob's hat, a martini, a jetpack and a speedboat jump." She is unhappy that "Daniel Craig in those trunks barely scrapped in to the top 50, languishing at No 45." Her "obvious conclusion: That 999 of those questioned were men." Shame on us eh !

Surprised she's not seen the new pool photo which it seems was leaked before the official one. No doubt Jane will now be on phone booking her ticket for the Skyfall premiere.

Must admit only surveyed once about Bond - it was way back for Roger's A View To A Kill release and my opinion about different purposed cinema posters.

Sadly I have too many favourite 007 moments - Dan's parked silver DBS at night, laser scene & dialogue, Tracy's death & dialogue ....

Best go !


Monday, 20 February 2012

First Look

I've waited awhile to show this first 'official' photo of Daniel Craig in Skyfall as you've probably seen it used ( square/letterbox/small/large you name it ) with countless online stories about the new Bond movie.

Where the previous pool one ( seen below ) came from we're never know ? The clapperboard ones continue with location backgrounds - riveting stuff eh ! Secrecy is a wonderful thing especially for a 50 year old movie franchise.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Those speedos

I'm amazed at the secrecy over photos for Skyfall, on 007's official Twitter & Facebook pages we are getting photos of clapperboards in different locations, is someone taking the piss ? We are relying on the Press to take sneek filming photos.

This week an 'offfical' [?] Skyfall photo taken of Bond star Daniel Craig in his famous blue speedos from Casino Royale surfaced and has appeared over the net. Back in good shape he is seen posing by the night pool in deep thought we assume.

I'm sure the ladies will be more than happy to see Craig stripped off again as Sun columnist Jane Moore commented before this latest photo appeared ( 11/01 ) ...

"Bond star Daniel Craig has told the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine that he doesn't like his knees. Well I have studied this photograph [seen right] of Mr Craig for quite some time and can find absolutely nothing wrong with them. Or any other part of him for that matter."

As one of the lads I'm looking for a bit of action, perhaps seen giving an Aston a good thrashing, hopefully not sitting in a deck-chair in Bognor Regis !

To future pics ...

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Welcome to the build-up to the 23rd James Bond movie Skyfall currently being filmed with Daniel Craig in his third outing as the world's most famous 'secret' agent and due for release this year. I've been writing about 007 on the net for over 15 years at the Bond Supplement.
So keep posted here & on Twitter for the latest news.

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