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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Those speedos

I'm amazed at the secrecy over photos for Skyfall, on 007's official Twitter & Facebook pages we are getting photos of clapperboards in different locations, is someone taking the piss ? We are relying on the Press to take sneek filming photos.

This week an 'offfical' [?] Skyfall photo taken of Bond star Daniel Craig in his famous blue speedos from Casino Royale surfaced and has appeared over the net. Back in good shape he is seen posing by the night pool in deep thought we assume.

I'm sure the ladies will be more than happy to see Craig stripped off again as Sun columnist Jane Moore commented before this latest photo appeared ( 11/01 ) ...

"Bond star Daniel Craig has told the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine that he doesn't like his knees. Well I have studied this photograph [seen right] of Mr Craig for quite some time and can find absolutely nothing wrong with them. Or any other part of him for that matter."

As one of the lads I'm looking for a bit of action, perhaps seen giving an Aston a good thrashing, hopefully not sitting in a deck-chair in Bognor Regis !

To future pics ...

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Welcome to the build-up to the 23rd James Bond movie Skyfall currently being filmed with Daniel Craig in his third outing as the world's most famous 'secret' agent and due for release this year. I've been writing about 007 on the net for over 15 years at the Bond Supplement.
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