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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Missed 1,000

Always reading in the press about polls and voters, when it is about James Bond I always think what poll/survey and why didn't I vote ?

If Dan ever goes to a celebrity bash and some lady shouts out "Show us your trunks !" It's probably The Sun's Wednesday columnist Jane Moore who yesterday had  a small top item with mini cut-out photo of Dan in those blue trunks ( see earlier post ) moaning that "a survey has asked 1,000 Bond fans [ not me ! ] for their favourite memories from the iconic films." It seems "Number one was the Aston Martin DB5, followed closely by Oddjob's hat, a martini, a jetpack and a speedboat jump." She is unhappy that "Daniel Craig in those trunks barely scrapped in to the top 50, languishing at No 45." Her "obvious conclusion: That 999 of those questioned were men." Shame on us eh !

Surprised she's not seen the new pool photo which it seems was leaked before the official one. No doubt Jane will now be on phone booking her ticket for the Skyfall premiere.

Must admit only surveyed once about Bond - it was way back for Roger's A View To A Kill release and my opinion about different purposed cinema posters.

Sadly I have too many favourite 007 moments - Dan's parked silver DBS at night, laser scene & dialogue, Tracy's death & dialogue ....

Best go !


Monday, 20 February 2012

First Look

I've waited awhile to show this first 'official' photo of Daniel Craig in Skyfall as you've probably seen it used ( square/letterbox/small/large you name it ) with countless online stories about the new Bond movie.

Where the previous pool one ( seen below ) came from we're never know ? The clapperboard ones continue with location backgrounds - riveting stuff eh ! Secrecy is a wonderful thing especially for a 50 year old movie franchise.


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