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Friday, 23 March 2012

Inside News ?

Sadly no, just a long-time fan tracking the production of the latest James Bond movie called Skyfall. If you can't remember this address, I've created a shorter one comes with a top header with adverts.

Latest sightings have the 007 movie crew filming in Turkey for a train scene.

Interesting stuff eh !


Saturday, 17 March 2012

On my patch

Always wanted to be involved with a Bond film production in some capacity, would have been Broz's coffee-maker for DAD if needed. Despite my lack of work qualifications, have made a few enquiries over the years with EON - none been treated with that much seriousness by them. Most disappointed to not be able to say "worked on a Bond film" in some capacity during my boring life.

Also I've never watched a day's filming either, most annoying for the latest movie Skyfall  which has been on my patch i.e local to me - Greenwich, Lewisham [at night ?] & Central London. The latest photos seen on the net show a chopper circling a mock-up set in Surrey - again not that far away from moi.

Perhaps now believing that my path is never destined to meet with Bond, James Bond.

Cheers 007 !


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