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Monday, 5 October 2015

Play it again Sam ?

The new Bond song Writing's on the Wall by Sam Smith has split opinions but has still managed to get to No.1 in UK with 70,000 sales ( Q. How many previous Bond themes would have made the top with that target ? ).

Below is the video released with new SPECTRE clips which took young Sam "20 minutes" to compose ...

With every generation we like a style of music when growing up the only Bond single I ever brought was Live And Let Die - I was not a fan of Paul McCartney & Wings but for a pop song I enjoyed the brash & exciting orchestrations of George Martin. When playing repeated in my bedroom my parents probably thought 'What is that ?' My mum preferred the style of Matt Monroe & my dad probably Tom Jones - both Bond singers.  As a bit of a romantic, I would still choose Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time In The World to dance with a loved one.

So now older not sure wiser I'm sadly not a fan of Sam's singing style, sorry however well it works with SPECTRE's opening titles. Never heard any of his previous songs catalogue like with Adele but I still believe her style with Skyfall appealed to a wider audience.

Found Sam's lyrics online and still to understand the meaning, perhaps one day. Never written a song in my life so I'm no lyricist but as a Bond fan I would have liked to have seen a few Bondian references apart from like "never shoot to miss".

I came up with a few lines - one from Thunderball and another used in SPECTRE trailer so ...

When I look I see the spectre in your eyes
and you know I was there all of the time
So for us the writing's on the wall 

Hey just a thought !


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